'Photographer perks' are a great thing. Aka having an excuse to whip my camera out in the best moments on road trips. Last weekend, my gals and I traveled to Marfa & Big Bend, TX for four adventure days. We slept in a teepee, didn't reach Prada (but found a Target), were deemed superheroes by a Marfa native, swam in a natural hot springs off the Rio Grande, and sought out some more big rocks to scale (see last year's RT blog post, The Great Expedition). Honestly, it may seem borderline obnoxious, but I love the ability to capture these moments and to have them documented forever. I won't get these days back with these friends at this age, and if I can shoot my friends and Creation in all their beauty and giggles and shades of colors, without getting caught up in vanity and the plagues of social media, I will. So, this is an assurance for all the skeptics: we did in fact enjoy nature and each other on this trip, even with the occasional Instagram post.

Keep explorin', y'all.  

p.s. I am ITCHING to do a real shoot in Marfa. The way the sun sets on the town and all its eclectic structures....WHAT A DREAM. So, if I have any adventurous clients out there, holla at me.