enchanted rock

Kathleen + Steven | Enchanted Rock Engagement Session | Texas Wedding Photographer

Wowww, I don't know if e-sessions get any dreamier than Enchanted Rock with these lovebirds. This session included all of my fave things: ultimate chill, playfulness, movement, and the two best times of day, golden hour, and blue hour. Also, no session better shows how much I love walking shots LOL (a little too much maybe??). If you haven't been to Enchanted Rock, you're in for quite a hike to the top, but it is oh so worth the sunset view. This was my first session at ER, which I was all too excited for because I had my own engagement photos done there!! Kathleen, Steven, and I played around at the bottom of the rock for the first half of the shoot, not anticipating how hot it turned out to be that day (hello, sweat). But nothing got these two down!!! They were as sweet and natural in front of the camera as it gets. Helps that Steven absolutely adores Kathleen. I mean, these two are just. so. in. looove. Ah, the cutest. When it started to cool down and was 45 min. to sunset, we began the (hella steep) mile hike to the top. I had an idea of what I wanted to shoot when the sun hit perfectly on the horizon, but when we got there, the light blew me away. Seriously, it may be in my top five favorite sunsets ever. I just began shooting every angle and second I could, shot a little video, and just let these two play and dance until we couldn't see the sun anymore. No plans. No stress. No rigid posing. Just soaking in the love and sun-drenched goodness all around us. It was one of the most magical moments of my career yet.

Can't wait for your big day, lovebirds!!
P.S. if you wanna see the little love film I shot for this session, go to my "FILM" tab!