Nabi + Ryan | Engagement Session at McKinney Falls | Austin, Texas Wedding Photographer

Sweet Nabi found me through the interwebs and reached out for me to take their engagements back in May. Her and Ryan met in Florida when they were working in the ophthalmology field together. They since moved to Austin! We decided on the magical jungle land of McKinney Falls for an ultra nature-filled session. This was my first time shooting at McKinney, and there was so much more to the falls that we didn’t get to. I’m already so ready to go back and explore lower into the falls (any takers??). We had the best time climbing rocks, laughing at their “sexy voices” & accents (a prompt I use), and dancing through the trees. This is what I love about adventurous couples sessions. Being so relaxed with your person in the middle of beauty, taking in all of the love and creation around you. Such sweet moments made. If you’re interested in taking your adventure session to the next level, check out my Bucket List :) 

I went a bit brighter with editing this session because it was later morning and the sun was out in full force. Sometimes trying to refuse the sun its sunny glory is a vain effort, lolz. And these two just beamed light the whole time, so why not?? The light through the lush greenery around us reflected incredible earthy tones that made every shot pop. Shoutout to Indi Presets for always helping me reach the tones I dream about!!

Nabi + Ryan: Wishing y'all so much happiness!!! Thanks for having me capture an incredibly special time and being laid-back and yourselves in front of my camera. And being so incredibly kind to me. I enjoyed spending time with you so very much! Your beach wedding is going to be a dream!!

Also, for those wondering, Nabi’s lovely skirt is from Zara!