Tim + Hailey | sunrise engagements on South Congress | Austin, TX

If I had to make a list of my favorite streets to take a stroll down on any given day, South Congress may be toward the top. All of Austin can be summed up in the stretch between S. 1st bridge and an old school Torchy's Tacos, pretty much. Chalk full of antique shops, costume stores, the ever-enchanting and chic South Congress Hotel, more yummy foodie finds than your heart could want, coffee shops, a TOMS store, and of course, the "I love you so much" mural..... have I mentioned how much I love this city??

I got the treat of shooting Tim + Hailey's engagements at sunrise on this bustling boulevard (before the tourists flooded in). We found so many secret goodies and greenery to shoot in front of, and my love was reignited for S. Congress. Hope you enjoy!! And come visit one of Austin's best attractions soon!