Tim + Hailey | Wedding at Kindred Oaks in Georgetown, TX | Austin, Texas Wedding Photographer

Lemme just start by saying, photography is the greatest job. Just one reason this is true is because I get to reconnect with people from high school and serve them with my talents on their best day!!  Hailey, who I hadn't seen in years since graduation, and her boo Tim reached out to me last year to shoot their summer wedding . Theirs was the first of my 5 WEDDING MONTH (whew), so by the time their big day rolled around, I was in full wedding/creative/hustle mode. The day started out with some sun, but soon after Kat Malone (second shooter) and I arrived, the stormy clouds were quickly encroaching. Now, I know what you're all thinking: "rain on their wedding day?! Oh no!!" But let me propose some reasons to comfort you in regard to this wedding that did, sure enough, get rained on:

1. I'll be honest, there was NO sun in sight by the time we started shooting. BUT you'll see so much lush green in the photos below, and I would not have gotten these colors without all of the shadows and moodiness created by the overcast! I loveeeed the richness and mood I captured because of what some would describe as "gloominess", but I describe as "the perfect amount of DRAMA!"

2. While I totally understand rain being the worst fear for your wedding day (tbh, I prayed against rain hard on my own wedding day), it's absolutely NOT the worst thing! This day, in particular, the rain decided to grace us in the middle of the ceremony. Imagine me and Kat scrambling to grab umbrellas and settling for Kat putting away her camera and holding an umbrella over me while I finished capturing the ceremony, so as to save our equipment. And imagine the bride and groom just laughing and smiling through the unknowns and uncontrollables of life, the very first of many times they will have to do that in marriage. What a perfect representation for what your wedding day means: taking on life's storms together and continuing to love each other through them. Rain definitely throws the day for a loop, but it can be such a sweet memory if you are flexible, enjoy the unexpected moments of life, and just roll with it. The photos I took of the huge smiles on Tim + Hailey's very drenched faces as they walked away from the greatest promise of their lives in the pouring rain are some of my favorite memories captured ever. All because of rain.

3. The moodiness of the day definitely stretched my shooting/editing capabilities. I am a sun-shooter through and through. Sun is my greatest tool for portraits. But when the sun decides it's not gonna come out, my job doesn't stop. The portraits we captured this day are darker and moodier than much of my other work, but again, I worked with such rich colors and had to get creative. For instance, for bride + groom portraits and lacking sun, I wanted to find a way to add a unique aspect to their photos . Nearby, the bride's brother was vaping and the lightbulb came on. We got him to stand near us and blow some vapor into the frame at the right time to create a nice fog. It turned out so lovely and added a perfect element to the mood! To all the brides out there: get you a photographer that can do both sun and overcast. You can't control the weather, but you can still expect beautiful images, no matter the circumstances.

SO, for you future brides out there, I hope that you don't let an unwanted forecast get you down. Rain on your big day can be SO fun and add so much emotion to your images. I am up for the challenge, and I hope you are too. Rain or shine, your day will, without a doubt, be an incredible celebration of life and love if you let it be.

Tim + Hailey: you are the POSTER MODELS for rolling with the unknowns on your wedding day with grace + ease + joy. Thanks so much for your flexibility and letting me be creative. I loved seeing you (literally) soak in your best day and receive all the love from the people there to celebrate with you, even in the rain. 


Second Shooter - Kat Malone Photography
Florist - Zuzu's Petals
DJ - John Burklund
Wedding Venue/Coordinators - Kindred Oaks
Caterer - Smokey Mo's/Hill Country Events
Cake - Cakes by Kathy
Hair - Jennifer Walker
Makeup - Amber Gregory
Tux Rentals - Men's Warehouse
Dress Designer - Essence of Australia from Signature Bridal
Bridesmaids' Dresses - David's Bridal