Had some fun this weekend shooting theRESPONSE's set at Spirit 105.9's Spirit Fest at Dell Diamond. 
These d00ds (Steve, Taylor, Jesse, Tanner, and Russell) sure know how to jam. Each song they create and every lyric they write is filled with their whole heart, soul, energy, and incredible talent. They have been seeing some incredible blessings lately, including being asked to play at the Cru Winter Conference in January 2015. Best of all, they are some of the kindest, most hilarious people to hang with (and not just because I'm dating the drummer......)

For more info and to take a listen, check 'em out here: http://www.theresponseband.com/
(video link for their song "Calvary's Anthem" at the end of this post!!)

tR: thanks for always welcoming me to hangouts, letting me take pictures of you, and being the coolest kids on the block. It's a privilege to experience and enjoy your talent and passions! -RPGF/Becs