Wedding Details Questionnaire

I get it. There is a LOT to think about for your wedding day. So many details and people to can get quite chaotic without a solid plan! It's of utmost importance to me to make sure I am all sped up on the deets of your big day, so I can help things go as smoothly as possible for you! Taking time to fill out this lengthy questionnaire is incredibly helpful for me and, hopefully, will help you organize your thoughts/schedule and how to optimize time for photos.  PLEASE BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE. I've included some tidbits along the way to consider when formulating your plan. Thanks so much for taking the time to fill this out, and happy wedding planning!!


Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Wedding Venue & Address *
Wedding Venue & Address
Photographer Arrival Time *
Photographer Arrival Time
Some things to consider: We probably have already specified the total hours of shooting in the contract! You'll probably want to count backwards from the exit, since I leave when you do! i.e. if you are planning your exit at 10pm and your contract specifies 8 hrs of shooting, I will arrive around 2pm.
Photographer Departure Time *
Photographer Departure Time
And address please! If it is different from the venue. Think about where you will be when it is time for me to start shooting! Still at the hotel/house getting ready? En route to the venue? Or getting ready at the venue? Should I arrive to the venue before you & start shooting details? etc.
Hair, makeup, QT with your girls & guys before the fun!! Getting ready pics are some of my favorites. So many laughs and genuine moments leading up to the ceremony. Please give a detailed schedule of your getting ready plan! Things to consider: where exactly will guys and girls be getting ready. When you want to put on the dress. For photos, if you could have details laid out or in a prepared place before I get there, it would def speed up the detail shots! An invitation & programs, jewelry, wedding rings, shoes, dress & a pretty hanger, bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts, groom details, etc.
Things to consider: First looks allow for us to get all of the bridal party pictures & bride/groom pics done before the ceremony, which means you can get back to your guests faster after the ceremony and family pictures! If you opt out of a first look, we can save the full bridal party shots & bride/groom shots for after the ceremony. Just make sure you consider these general time frames for all bridal party pictures: -Groomsmen only: 20-30 minutes -Individuals (groom & each gman): 10 minutes -Groom only: 10-15 minutes -Bridesmaids only: 20-30 minutes -Individuals (bride & each maid): 10 minutes -Bridals: 10-15 minutes -Full Bridal Party: 15-25 minutes -Bride & Groom Shots: 20-30 minutes These time frames are flex! Just let me know!
Think: cocktail hour, how much time you'd like to spend on family pictures & first married pictures, if you'd like guest mingling pictures, etc.
I'm going to be honest, y' portraits is the most stressful part of the wedding day. It is CRUCIAL that your family is informed of exactly when and where they need to be directly following the ceremony. We need to get them done in a timely manner, which is hard to do with that many people to organize and voices to talk over. I want to make absolute sure we have quality time for bride & groom shots (your first married pics!!) and any remaining bridal party pictures, so PLEASE help me keep this time organized and moving along. Thanks ahead of time! Please include below all family groupings that you want photos of, from the smallest groups to the biggest. I will be calling these names to get people in formation, so name groups based on this knowledge. First names are helpful, too!
Florist, DJ, Videographer, Wedding Planner, Caterer, Cake, Hair & Makeup, Rentals, Dress Designer, Bridesmaid Dresses, Men's Suits, Other Attire Details, any others not listed!